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Trying to find the best pet insurance inNJ? We’ll analyze top providers based on your pet’s breed and lifetime costs to give you a personalized recommendation.Instantly.

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Find the best pet insurance inNew Jersey, remarkably fast.

With so many US pet insurance companies, how do you know which one is best for your unique pet inNew Jersey? From Newark, to Jersey City, to Trentonand all over "The Garden State" - Pawlicy Advisor helps thousands of pet parents like you compare and buy the best coverage at the best price.

We only work with industry-leading pet insurance companies so you can rest assured that your personalized analysis is already filtered down to proven plans with greatNew Jerseycustomer experiences.

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Find the Best Pet Insurance inNew Jerseyfor You

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Our Methodology

We analyzed top pet insurance companies to provide you with an objective breakdown on how long it takes each to reimburse you, how long you have to make a claim, deductibles, reimbursement rates, coverage limits, what’s covered, and what’s not covered.

All content has been checked by a licensed insurance expert. We strongly recommend that youget a personalized recommendation based on your pet’s breed, age, and location.

Why You Can Trust Us

Unlike other platforms, Pawlicy Advisor offerspersonalized advice based on breed-specific attributes and total cost predictions for the lifetime of the pet. Pawlicy Advisor isrecommendedby the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) as the Preferred Business Provider for pet insurance.

Recommended by the American Animal Hospital Association
Key reasons people trust Pawlicy Advisor:
  • Pawlicy Advisor is the leading independent pet insurance marketplace in the U.S.
  • Recommended by the American Animal Hospital Association
  • Served over 3 million pet owners to date
  • 100% real 5-star reviews
  • Our licensed insurance experts are not tied to any one provider
  • Personalized recommendations factor in the unique information of each pet per policy (specifically, we factor in age, breed, and location)
  • Personalized recommendations include a Lifetime Pricing Score calculated by comparing expected premium increases over your pet’s lifetime
  • We connect directly to our insurance partners to provide real-time quotes at the lowest rates all in one place
  • You can purchase your plan directly on Pawlicy Advisor and we’ll handle the paperwork to make sure everything is perfect
  • 100% free service, no hidden fees
  • All data is secured using 256-bit SSL encryption

Why We Don’t Have Pet Insurance Ratings or “Picks”

You may have seen ranked pet insurance recommendations on various review sites. Many companies that rank some pet insurance policies over others are being paid to do so.

FACT:There is no one-size-fits-all pet insurance. The“best pet insurance” depends entirely on your pet’s breed, age, location, and more.

Below you’ll find data-driven breakdowns comparing top providers side-by-side. To see which pet insurance is best for you,得到个性化推荐today.


Best Pet Insurance Companies inNew Jersey2023


NOTE: These companies are not ranked and are in no specific order. See above for why we don’t believe in broad ratings or “picks”. Use Pawlicy Advisor to geta personalized pet insurance recommendation 你独特的pet, remarkably fast.

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance Logo
4.5 |1812Reviews
9days after claim, on average
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4.5 |967Reviews
7days after claim, on average

4.1 |992Reviews
10days after claim, on average

4.3 |637Reviews
10days after claim, on average

4.8 |825Reviews
1-7days after claim, on average

4.5 |145Reviews
9days after claim, on average

4 |405Reviews
6days after claim, on average
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Overview:New JerseyPet Insurance Comparison Chart

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance
$100, $250, or $500
70%, 80%, or 90%
$2,500, $5,000, $10,000, $15,000, or Unlimited

Figo Pet Insurance
$100, $250, $500, or $750
70%, 80%, 90%, or 100%
$5,000, $10,000, or Unlimited

Pets Best Pet Insurance
$100, $250, $500, or $1,000
70%, 80%, or 90%
$5,000, or Unlimited

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance
$100, $250, or $500
70%, 80%, or 90%

Embrace Pet Insurance
$200, $300, $500, $750, $1,000
70%, 80%, 90%
$5,000, $8,000, $10,000, $15,000, $30,000

MetLife Pet Insurance (Formerly PetFirst)
$50, $250, or $500
80%, or 90%
$5,000, or $10,000

Lemonade Pet Insurance
$250, $500, $1,000, or $2,500
60%, 70%, 80%, or 90%
$5,000, $10,000, $20,000, $50,000, or $100,000

Nationwide Pet Insurance
50%, or 70%

Fetch by The Dodo (Formerly Petplan)
$250, $300, or $500
70%, 80%, or 90%
$5,000, $10,000, or $15,000

$0 - $1,000 (in $5 increments)

$100, $250, $500, $750, or $1,000
70%, 80%, or 90%
$2,500, or $5,000

Spot Pet Insurance
$100, $250, $500, $750, or $1,000
70%, 80%, or 90%
$2,500, $3,000, $4,000, $5,000, $7,000, $10,000, or Unlimited

Pumpkin Pet Insurance
$100, $250, or $500
Dogs: $10,000, $20,000, or Unlimited. Cats: $7,000, $15,000, or Unlimited

How to Choose the Best Pet Insurance Policy for Your Family inNew Jersey

Choosing the best pet insurance policy depends on your pet’s breed, age, location, and your personal preferences. However, there are a few factors every dog or cat parent inNew Jerseyshould consider before making a choice.

Step 1.Use Pawlicy Advisor toget a personalized recommendation and see quotes from top providers all in one place.

Step 2.Review the coverage details of your recommended plan so you know exactly what’s covered and what’s not.

Step 3.Review the Lifetime Pricing score to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

专家提示:Sometimes, the cheapest plan today is not the cheapest plan after five years as providers increase premiums at different rates based on your pet’s breed, age, and location. This is particularly important because you want to choose the best plan upfront — you don’t want to change providers once enrolled because any pre-existing condition will not be covered. Use Pawlicy Advisor’s Lifetime Pricing Score to find the best deal.

Step 4.Customize the policy to fit your needs and budget. Choose your reimbursement rate, deductible, annual limit, and routine care add-ons.

Pawlicy Advisor makes it easy to find the best pet insurance inNew Jersey- and explains the coverage details of each policy in language that’s easy to understand, so you know exactly what’s covered, what’s not covered, and how lifetime pricing compares across providers.


New JerseyPet Insurance Costs

The cost of pet insurance inNew Jerseyvaries drastically based on your zip code, how old your dog or cat is in relation to its expected lifespan, and the health risks most common with your pet’s breed(s). The table below will give you a glance at some price ranges across top providers in Newark, to Jersey City, to Trenton.

Costs forNew Jerseypet insurance with unlimited annual maximum coverage

Breed & Age Monthly Insurance Cost
6 months old puppy
Jersey City$18-$57
Golden Retriever
Golden Retriever
6 months old puppy
Jersey City$32-$92
Domestic Shorthair
Domestic Shorthair
6 months old kitten
Jersey City$14-$35
Maine Coon
Maine Coon
6 months old kitten
Jersey City$16-$39
5 years old dog
Jersey City$23-$69
Golden Retriever
Golden Retriever
5 years old dog
Jersey City$43-$112
Domestic Shorthair
Domestic Shorthair
5 years old cat
Jersey City$17-$41
Maine Coon
Maine Coon
5 years old cat
Jersey City$21-$45
* TheNew Jerseyaverage monthly costs listed above are based on an 80% reimbursement rate, unlimited annual reimbursment, and a $500 deductible.

Wondering how much pet health insurance will really cost in your NJzip code?

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How to Get the Best Deal on Pet Insurance Rates inNew Jersey

MostNJpet owners who enroll in pet insurance do so within 6 months of adopting their new four-legged family member.Puppies and kittens inNew Jerseywill generally find the lowest rates, as they often have a lower risk of developing health issues - and it's important that your plan's coverage kicks in before any pre-existing conditions arise.

Pet Type
Example $ Savings
Average % Savings

* TheNew Jerseyaverage savings listed above refer to the difference in annual premiums for a 1-year-old pet vs a 5-year-old pet, and are based on an 80% reimbursement rate, unlimited coverage, with a $500 deductible. Prices may be lower or higher for different coverage options.

Discounts & Lifetime Pricing Score

Several providers will offer a discount forinsuring multiple pets which often adds another10% savings for additional pets. When you use Pawlicy Advisor to shop for pet insurance, we analyze your pet to highlight any eligible discounts.

More importantly, using Pawlicy Advisor will show you hundreds of quotes from top providers customer-ranked for you unique pet - showing you each Lifetime-Pricing Score and Coverage Score.

  • Coverage Scoreranks plans based on how well it will cover your pet's breed-specific health risks.
  • Lifetime-Pricing Scoreranks plans based on lifetime value across the lifetime of your pet. This score takes into account expected premium increases as your pet ages and can save you 75% or more on lifetime insurance costs by helping you choose the right plan.
Diagram showing how Pawlicy Advisor compares lifetime costs to save you money
It only takes 2 minutes :)

Is Pet Insurance Worth the Cost inNew Jersey?

The number of insured pets is increasing nearly 20% every year - and with good reason. After surveying more than 20,000 pet owners, we found that4 out of 5 could not afford to pay for an unexpected $5,000 veterinary bill without pet insurance.

Of more than 20,000 pet owners, Considering 47.40% of New Jersey households are pet owners, pet insurance is a great tool to hedge financial risk. Like auto-insurance, it’s something you have but hope not to use - but if an unexpected tragedy does strike you’ll be reimbursed 70% to 90% of the costs (depending on your plan). Getting pet insurance inNew Jerseycan help ensure that your dog or cat will get the care they need. It allows you to focus on doing the right thing, rather than costs.

Here are the metro areas acrossNew Jerseywith the most interest in pet insurance:

You can use pet insurance at any licensed veterinary clinic or animal hospital in NJ

Becausepet insurance reimburses you, instead of paying the vet directly, you can use your plan atany vet inNew Jersey. Whether your vet’s in Newark,Jersey City,Trenton, or anywhere in between - pet insurance plans can helpNJresidents reduce out-of-pocket costs for unexpected accidents or illnesses.

Veterinary Costs inNew Jersey

  • New Jersey has some of the highest counts of tick-borne illnesses, including Lyme disease
  • Marijuana poisoning is more prevelant in New Jersey since it's more accessible
  • CNBC reports that in any given year, 1 out of 3 pets will need emergency medical treatment.
  • EmergencyVetsUSA reports that the average cost of emergency vet care that requires hospitalization for 1-2 days is $600-$1700, while surgery in the pet ER can easily cost up to $5,000.
  • Nearly 60% of dogs are either overweight or obese
  • 80% of dogs will have some sign of dental disease by the age of two
  • The Veterinary Cancer Society estimates that almost 50% of dogs over the age of 10 will develop cancer.

Vet bills inNew Jerseyarehigher than averagein the U.S. This means the risk of having an expensive, unexpected vet bill is significantly higher.

Our data shows the cost of veterinary care and pet insurance for dogs is 14.20% Higher $ in NJ vs the national average, and for cats it’s 3.28% Higher $ in NJ vs the national average.

* TheNew Jerseyvet cost prediction listed above refers to the difference in health coverage premiums for a 6-month-old pet inNJcompared to the national average. We used premiums in this analysis becasue they’re heavily correlated to a location’s veterinary costs.

How Pet Insurance Works inNew Jersey

Most pet insurance inNew Jerseyreimburses you after submitting a claim, and because the insurance company pays you back - instead of paying the veterinarian directly - you don’t have to worry about being “in-network”. InNew Jersey, your pet insurance will work at any licensed veterinarian.

Here’s an example of how the claim process works:

  • You pay for the vet treatment your pet needs.
  • You submit a claim to your pet insurance company.
  • The pet insurance company reimburses you 70%, 80%, 90%, or even 100% of the covered costs (after your deductible is met, and usually within 10 days depending on the provider).

Save Hours Comparing Pet Insurance Quotes with a Personalized Recommendation from Pawlicy Advisor.

Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all pet insurance. The best plan (and pricing) will depend on your cat or dog’s breed, age, and zip code inNew Jersey. However, it's important to not only look at what your pet insurance policy will cost today, but to understandwhat it will ultimately cost across the lifespan of your pet.

To put it simply, the policy that looks cheaper today might not be cheaper in the long run. This information is hard to find without Pawlicy Advisor.

With Pawlicy Advisor, you’ll find the best pet insurance inNew Jersey你独特的pet in 5 minutes - and you have a licensed insurance expert ready to help you get the best deal.


Rest assured that all quotes you see from Pawlicy Advisor are pulled in real-time. We connect directly with our insurance partners to make sure your get the best price.



Kathleen Mangold
recommends Pawlicy Advisor
I’m so glad my vet recommended Pawlicy Advisor! I was able to compare plans without going to a multitude of sites to get the same information. I chose the insurance plan that I could afford and my rates are exactly the same as if I had bought it from their website. I’m very happy that Abby Rose has insurance. She’s a 7 year old rescue in good health but we never know what the future holds. Whatever the future brings I’m thankful that she will have the best care!
Neha Dillon
recommends Pawlicy Advisor
We recently got a puppy and wanted insurance for the new member of our family. Pawlicy was so quick and easy to use and told us exactly what insurance plans we should consider for the specific breed of our pup. The app gave us summarized information so that we could make a quick and informed decision. We've loved our insurance plan so far. Would definitely recommend
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I was searching for pet insurance for weeks. Pawlicy was recommended by a vet. The website was so easy to use. I even found the prices to be cheaper than the actual insurance site. THANK YOU, Pawlicy for helping to me ensure my fur baby is covered!
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Pawlicy Advisor found the best pet insurance coverage for our Labradoodle at the best price. Totally recommend Pawlicy Advisor to anyone looking to purchase pet insurance.
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This was a very easy process and I found a great policy $20 less a month than other quotes I was seeing for better coverage. Thank you Pawlicy Advisor!!
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超级容易研究选择不同的宠物保险ions and find the best one for me. I compared prices through Pawlicy Advisor or the insurance provider, and Pawlicy Advisor offered a much better deal for the same exact policy. We’re all covered now.

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